ISI Mark Certification

ISI Mark Certification
ISI Mark Certification is a symbol of quality and trust approved by ISI. Get your ISI Certificate online with the help of Taxneu.
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Get ISI Mark Certification Online in India

ISI Mark Certification, issued by the Indian Standards Institute (ISI), is a vital certification under the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). It guarantees that a product meets the prescribed BIS Standards and safety requirements. This certification is a prerequisite for the manufacturing and sale of products in India.

The ISI Mark, granted through ISI Certification, is applicable to 346+ products, making it mandatory for manufacturers to obtain certification for these items. Failure to do so prohibits manufacturers from selling or producing these products in India.

Recognized as the most esteemed product quality certification mark by BIS, ISI Certification assures customers of the safety and quality standards adhered to in the manufacturing process. The voluntary process involves rigorous testing, application filing, inspection, and application scrutiny, ensuring that electrical items and appliances meet safety criteria.

Primary Objectives of ISI Certification

  1. Enhance customer satisfaction and business goodwill.
  2. Minimize production costs by reducing resource wastage.
  3. Ensure the delivery of high-quality products to consumers.
  4. Foster better growth prospects for businesses.
  5. Guarantee the safety and quality of products.
  6. Mitigate product rejections.

Key Points to Consider for ISI Mark Certification

  • Complaints regarding product quality can be filed with BIS.
  • BIS Officers take three months to examine filed complaints.
  • The ISI Mark Certification details must be specified on every invoice.
  • BIS regularly monitors all manufacturers.

Benefits of Obtaining ISI Mark Certification

Obtaining ISI Mark Certification in India offers various advantages, including:

  • Market Advantages: This certification significantly enhances market benefits compared to uncertified products. It facilitates smooth and uninterrupted production processes. ISI Certification serves as a testament that your products adhere to established standards, ensuring safety.
  • Market Access: A certified product gains access to a broader market due to its demonstrated higher quality and adherence to safety standards, instilling confidence in consumers. Products bearing the ISI mark are perceived as more trustworthy, providing manufacturers with expanded market access.
  • Competitive Edge: ISI certification signifies the standard quality of a product, offering manufacturers a competitive advantage. Customers tend to prefer certified products, reinforcing the manufacturer’s commitment to quality and safety.

List of Products under ISI Certification

A comprehensive list includes cement, household electrical goods, batteries, medical equipment, steel and iron products, kitchen appliances, and many more.

Documents Required for ISI Mark Certification

To obtain ISI Mark Certification, the following essential documents are required:

  • Address Proof of the Manufacturing Unit: Documentation confirming the location and address details of the manufacturing facility.
  • Copy of Certificate of Registration: A duplicate of the official certificate validating the registration of the manufacturing unit.
  • Certified Copy of Test Report by a BSI-Certified Lab: A verified report from a BSI-certified laboratory attesting to the product’s compliance with standards.
  • Details of Equipment Used for Testing: Comprehensive information on the equipment utilized for testing the product.
  • Copy of Trademark Registration Certificate: Documentation verifying the registration of the product’s trademark.
  • Packaging Details: Information on product packaging, including size, quantity, and storage specifications.
  • Layout Plan of the Factory: A blueprint outlining the layout of the manufacturing facility.
  • Certificate Copy from the Regulatory Authority: A certified copy of the certificate obtained from the relevant regulatory authority.
  • Copy of the Bank Statement of the Company: A duplicate of the company’s bank statement for financial verification.
  • Flow Chart of the Manufacturing Process: A visual representation outlining the steps involved in the manufacturing process.
  • Indian Residency Proof: Documentation confirming the Indian residency status of the manufacturing unit.
  • Particulars Regarding Raw Material Used: Detailed information about the raw materials utilized in the manufacturing process.
  • Latest Utility Bills: Recent utility bills, such as electricity, gas, and water tax receipts, providing evidence of ongoing operations.
  • Product or Component Drawing: Detailed drawings or specifications of the product or its components.

These documents collectively contribute to the thorough evaluation and verification process required for obtaining ISI Certification.

Procedure for ISI Mark Certification in India

To obtain ISI Certification in India, manufacturers follow a systematic procedure outlined as follows:

Step 1: Select Product Code: In the initial stage, manufacturers must choose the appropriate product quality by aligning with the guidelines set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). This involves identifying and selecting an ISI standard product code for their specific product.

Step 2: File Application: After determining the product code, manufacturers initiate the application process for ISI Certification. Assistance is provided to help submit the application, and the applicant is required to pay audit and registration fees to facilitate further inspection.

Step 3: BIS Inspection of The Factory Premises: Upon filing the application, BIS officers, along with an inspection team, visit the manufacturing facility. The inspection focuses on evaluating the quality control measures and the overall manufacturing process. During this phase, product samples are collected for testing in a BIS-certified laboratory.

Step 4: Submit Sample Report:  A crucial step involves submitting the sample report of the product obtained from certified laboratories. This report provides essential insights into the product’s compliance with quality standards and is submitted to BIS for review.

Step 5: Grant of ISI Certificate: Upon completion of the application and inspection process, the Bureau of Indian Standards issues the ISI Certificate. Typically, the entire process of obtaining ISI Certification is completed within 30 days from the date of application.

Validity and Renewal of ISI Certificate

The ISI certificate holds a validity of one year and can be renewed by submitting a renewal application along with the prescribed fees. The renewal application undergoes scrutiny by a Practicing Chartered Accountant (CA).

Reasons for ISI Application Rejection

BIS may reject an ISI application under certain non-compliance conditions. The reasons for rejection include:

  • Failure to submit samples for testing post ISI application submission.
  • Inadequate technical personnel within the manufacturing entity.
  • Engagement in unethical practices by the firm or applicant.
  • Manufacturer’s failure to provide assistance during official visits to the factory.
  • Incorrect or incomplete document submission by the firm.
  • Significant deviations in the manufacturing facility from the declared (BIS official) facility.
  • Insufficient technical personnel within the manufacturing entity.
  • Test failure of samples drawn for testing.
  • Lack of testing facilities by the manufacturer.
  • Non-conformity in factory testing of sample products during the second stage.

Note: Before rejecting the ISI Certification application, BIS provides a 21-day notice period. During this period, the applicant must present their case either in person or through a representative. If the reasons provided are deemed unsatisfactory, the BIS reserves the right to reject the application.

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